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AVD creates tangible and intangible value for its clients through a sophisticated and dynamic network comprised of individuals, groups, and organizations.

AVD is at the forefront of the Value Network concept, a system of professional affiliations and partnerships that we have developed to support, optimize and deliver superior value to our clients across all business disciplines and industries.

The Value Network includes AVD's trusted and valued relations with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and local, state, and national governmental agencies and institutions in the U.S and Latin America. This highly selective group of independent collaborators and partners are experts in their respective fields.

Network Profile

  • Research organizations adept at conducting qualitative/quantitative research among U.S.and Latino markets.

  • Business and marketing consultants with vast experience in Latino and general markets.

  • Marketing companies involved in U.S. and Latin American markets.

  • Professional digital marketers, graphic designers, writers and video producers.

  • Government and state agencies managing the various business and public sectors.

We use this Value Network to orchestrate and organize our partners under the same vision and strategic umbrella. This approach focuses on delivering consistent value to AVD's clients and their customers.

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