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AVD Marketing can help place your brand where the U.S. general market and Latinos of all ages and origins congregate online, with sound strategies and tailored messages that reflect their special interest, needs and behavior. Present variations on the internet’s marketing platforms play right into the customs and cultural values of U.S. and Latino markets. Consumer empowerment resonates with the U.S. general market and Latinos aspirational characteristics and their desire to be heard as part of the mainstream culture.

As advertising and social media become a service, it will provide much needed information, socialization and education to un-acculturated, bi-cultural and acculturated Latinos, regardless of their country of origin. With this knowledge and experience, AVD can devise target relevant digital marketing strategies and programs for your brand, and effectively create long-term relationships with U.S. general market and Latinos worldwide. The digital marketing tools AVD evaluates and implements as part of the IMC process include:

Digital Expertise | Bi-Lingual | Multicultural:

  • Marketing Automation

  • Web Site Development

  • SEM, SEO & PPC Campaigns

  • Native Advertising & Banner Ads

  • Content Development & Management

  • Social Media Strategies and Campaign Implementation

  • E-Commerce

  • E-Mail Campaigns

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Affiliate Programs

  • Blogs & Videos

  • Online Communities

  • Data & Analytics

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