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Be passionate about your company's culture and its mission.

Use the internet to deliver your passion and values.

AVD recommends a Digital marketing audit twice a year.

At least a bi-annual report should be produced to understand what works for your brand or business, and if you find it necessary, you can even execute these audits once a month.

Our Internet marketing audit is comprehensive and considers the many areas of online marketing, including entire campaigns developed for implementation. This is not to be confused with website analytics, social media analytics, website errors, search engine optimization analytics, and Google AdWords analytics – metrics you should be keeping track of at least weekly, if not daily.

Analytics provide you with real-time insights and performance of your online marketing so you can adapt, edit, or refocused your online efforts. An internet marketing audit will allow you to see which of those small adjustments made a large impact on your overall marketing strategy.

Periodic internet marketing audits give you continuous learning about your brand or business and your competitors. Audits are fundamental to understand how your brand or business is performing in the fast-paced social media environment.

Internet Marketing Learning

In general, you will learn what works and what doesn’t.


What are the messages that communicate your marketing strategy and if they are reaching your target market (s)? You will also get a clear picture of what your competitors are doing online and their positioning versus your brand or business. Most importantly, you will get a comprehensive understanding of your digital audience and their experience when associating and interacting with your brand or business on the web

Digital Audit – Strategy | Execution | Value | Integration


  • Audience | Segment

  • Message | Content


  • Brand Image

  • Channels | Reach

  • Process Flow

  • Website | SEO

  • Online Ads


Value & ROI

  • Social Media Platforms

  • Email Marketing

  • Integration Effectiveness

  • Team Capabilities

  • Digital Media Use

  • Digital Media Value

  • Conversion

  • Analytics Processes & Techniques

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