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Brands should maximize market coverage so that no potential segments are being ignored.

AVD Marketing uses in-depth brand analysis, including internal organizational and external environmental data, to determine customer-based brand equity and brand awareness levels. The results of the brand audit and environmental review dictate the appropriate future direction for the brand. As a foundation of brand equity, creating a strong and sustainable brand/marketing architecture is paramount in addressing market segments.


We recommend adopting brand elements based on their capacity to resonate with U.S. general market and Latino populations across generations and national origin. Additionally, a successful brand architecture that includes all cultures and their idiosyncrasies provides a brand message that is culturally relevant to the multicultural U.S. population, while preserving the brand's core values and personality.

AVD reviews various brand equity models (Brand Asset Valuator, Brandz, AAKER and Brand Resonance) as part of the brand development process, and brand equity building in.

AVD's digital branding strategies purposely separate and disrupt the traditional brand equity components of content, context, and infrastructure in the traditional and online environments, so that each individual component can convey value independently. This allows your brand to create equity in novel and innovative ways by using different combinations and implementations of brand components.

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