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Brands need their audiences to embrace their offerings and promises, and only these two basic functions can acheive this goal: marketing and innovation.

Marketing Planning

AVD will partner with your internal marketing and advertising departments to identify, optimize and capitalize on the quality and size of the U.S. general and Latino market opportunity. AVD’s marketing plan development consists of a disciplined approach that incorporates a marketing and brand audit and business review as background information to make way for a sequential step-by-step process implementation.

The planning process ensures that the holistic marketing concept is applied to combine and integrate marketing communication activities (IMC). These integrated communications activities effectively inform, educate, persuade, and raise awareness about brands, products, and services, and deliver value to designated U.S. general and Latino segments with a consistent message and brand positioning.

Marketing Communications Mix | Multilingual:

  • Advertising & PR
  • Direct Marketing - (DRTV)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Public & Community Relations
  • Promotions (Digital & Traditional)
  • Events - (Promotional & Fundraising)

Marketing Control Tools:

  • Control Plan: sales, market share and financial analysis
  • Strategic Control: marketing audit, strategy implementation effectiveness
  • Efficiency Control: efficiency of advertising, promotions, and distribution
  • Analytics: Measurement of all digital and traditional marketing activities/programs
  • Profitability & ROI Analysis: measures profitability and ROI by marketing element and segment


AVD recognizes that good strategies are only as good as their implementation. We make sure that marketing plans are implemented properly by guiding your team or directly assisting in the implementation of the marketing plan.

Control and Evaluation

Control and evaluation processes and procedures are essential to measure the effectiveness of the marketing activities on sales, profits and market share goals. Financial analysis will help management identify factors that affect the rate of return on net worth, as well as return on assets. By the implementation of a profitability analysis, we help management determine the financial performance of specific customers, products, regions, segments, channels, and media. Based on this analysis, management can make decisions on marketing activities expansion, reduction, corrections or elimination.

AVD combines all five control mechanisms to accurately determine the overall effectiveness and performance of marketing activities conducted during a specified period.

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